Meet Mario!

Nintendo Flagship Store


SimGraphics AI-VActor™ has brought Mario to life at Nintendo’s World Store in New York’s Rockefeller Center! Guests can interact with their favorite video game character six days a week, no host or actor required. 

The original interactive kiosk was built with SimGraphics’ VActor technology. This allowed Charles Martinet, the world-renowned voice of Mario, to interact as Mario with fans and visitors. Guests loved the experience but operation was limited to the hours that Charles was available.

In 2021, SimGraphics upgraded the kiosk to its AI‑VActor technology, running its Directable AI. Now guests at Nintendo’s World Store in New York can talk with their video game hero six days a week!


Using performance information captured from the live VActor version of experience, SimGraphics’ AI-Vactor delivers Mario’s unique and recognizable personality to each guest. Our conversation engine allows the character to respond naturally to the guest’s dialog and help direct the conversation. Our vision engine enables the system to recognize single vs. multiple guests, as well as some specific objects, and then to respond accordingly.

Mario can also interact with other characters on screen and with his 3D environment. The environment is easily customizable to reflect seasons, holidays, and special events. 

No special hardware is required for the kiosk operation.

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