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SimGraphics VActor™

VActor™ is a turn key systems which deliver interactive animation to live events.  Animated “cartoon” characters can make presentations, answer audience questions and entertain in ways human presenters can’t.  These systems can be operated at the event location or over the Internet from any location

A VActor™ allows you to combine the personality of a live performer with the appeal of an animated character. Anyone can operate a VActor™.  That's because the VActor™ system was created to be versatile, so that it fit your entertainment needs.

Simgraphic's VActor™ have been used all over the world and are trusted by such corporations such as Nintendo of America, Fox Studios Australia and Brazil's TV Globo.

VActor™ can be used in small or large events, they are perfect for hosting product launches, business meetings, award shows, concert openings, sporting event or where ever you want to get your message across.


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