VActor™ and AI-VActor™
Real-time Interactive Characters


Interactive Virtual Characters

Easy remote live performance


Use your model or we can help create one. Character is controlled with standard game controller, facial animation/lip sync is automatic from performer audio (no sensors/cameras required). Performer can be anywhere in the world.

Directable Artificial Intelligence

Fully autonomous interactions


No performer necessary — scale to thousands of simultaneous interactions. Vision system can detect guest presence and respond to key objects. Interactions may be captured for offline analysis.

Interact Anywhere

From kiosks to mobile phones

Standalone installations for location-based experiences. Cloud-based web or mobile delivery. We support industry standards for easy integration with larger experiences.


Fully Customizable Characters

We can create custom 2D or 3D characters based on your specs, or work with characters you already have. Characters are configured for live operation as well as autonomous performance, with an emphasis on personality and engagement.

Directable and Autonomous

AI-VActor™ brings scale to interaction. Our proprietary process captures live performance elements for autonomous reuse allowing for interactions that maintain the character’s personality. Our Directable AI won’t ever go off-brand, and balances delivering flexible individual experiences with the goals of the specific implementation.

Wide-Ranging Application

VActor™ and AI-VActor™ can be used for small or large events, installed in kiosks with minimal hardware requirements, or delivered online to web browsers and mobile devices. VActors™ are perfect for product launches, guiding guests at museums, resorts, and attractions, co-hosting events, interactive adverstising and brand engagement, and much more.


SimGraphics has been a trusted solution for such companies as Walt Disney Imagineering, Nintendo of America, Fox Studios Australia, and the BBC.