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Our Story

Our Story

SimGraphics has been at the forefront of virtual characters and real-time animated performance technologies for three decades. As an imaginative, software-driven attractions group and the creators of VActor™ and AI-VActor™ systems, we’ve designed and delivered entertaining and memorable experiences for corporate brands at events, exhibits and attractions worldwide. This direct brand engagement has entertained millions and continues to evolve as AI technologies today continue to drive innovation.

Combining experience, advanced SimGraphics engineering technologies and creativity, our chief pursuits are IP Character Entertainment, Brand Advertising and Educational Engagement for audiences of all ages. Exploring all LBE applications for visitors at theme parks, museums and visitor centers, retail, sports or digital on the go, by producing a diverse range of personal and predictive interactions, AI-VActor™ expands the visitor’s relationship with well-known characters and their environment, stimulating curiosity with a purpose.

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Our characters don't learn on their own, they're taught...
just ask Máximo!

AI-VActor™ Features

AI-VActor™ Features

AI with guardrails ensures a safe and secure interactive experience that stays on brand

Fully autonomous – no live performer or operator required

Use your brand ambassador, IP character, or memorable figure

Scalable to thousands of simultaneous virtual sessions

Adaptive, Flexible, and Integrated Delivery  into all kiosks, mobile devices, and in larger guest experiences

Vision system detects and responds to key objects


SimGraphics proprietary technologies are breakthrough interactive experiences that offer a wide variety of socializing for audiences everywhere through personalized character interface. These memorable experiences can move across many platforms from entertainment and education, to exploring every avenue of LBE applications from retail, sporting events and more, meaning AI-VActor™ is virtually unlimited!

In July 2023 the company debuted its dynamic and memorable Mario experience at the Nintendo Store in New York’s Rockefeller Center – premiering during the upcoming holiday season, will be the notable Máximo exhibit at the Field Museum in Chicago. Visitors will be able to autonomously engage the Titanosaurus character in real-time that’s both entertaining and educational and future sights are directed toward creating a virtual museum docent, and to use AI characters on other online platforms.

The rise of today’s digital transformation has allowed SimGraphics advanced technologies to begin developing their AI-VActor™ Cloud prototype to bring interactive IP/brand characters to mobile phones, tablets and on the web. Recently entering a development agreement with Visaic, a sports and entertainment enterprise AI, data and video services company, the goal is to provide cloud services to consumers worldwide.


SimGraphics systems are built on industry-standard frameworks including Unreal and Unity, and integrate well within larger experiences.

Directable AI

Using special sensors and building upon AI technologies, SimGraphics focused on improving autonomous conversational interface enhancements through their Vision System so that characters, like Mario and Máximo, could detect where visitors are in the real-time environment, as well as basic objects detection a guest may be holding.

Fully Customizable Characters

The highest priority for any IP/brand or mascot property is enforcing the character’s consistency and personality, no matter the engagement, location, or type of visitor experience. SimGraphics takes great care and initiative to work with operators/licensees to ensure how animated characters come to life, and content creation, programming and storytelling has a big repertoire of possibilities, even as characters evolve! AI-VActor™ provides the same quality of recognizable visual and audio features, while guests interact with well-known or favorite characters.

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