Talk to Your Favorite Cartoon Character!

Real-time Interactive Characters

SimGraphics Photorealistic Character Video
As part of our partnership with Epic and the Unreal MetaHuman project, we have put together a demo video showing the character fidelity we can now achieve for our AI-VActor™ characters. 


SimGraphics AI-VActor™ has brought Mario to life at Nintendo’s World Store in New York’s Rockefeller Center! Guests can interact with their favorite video game character six days a week.


For decades, SimGraphics has provided virtual-character live-performance technology for companies, events, and attractions all over the world. This direct brand engagement has entertained millions and increased traffic to events and retail stores.

We have combined our experience creating engaging character interactions with artificial intelligence. Our unique Directable-AI performance technology faithfully reproduces the personality of branded characters – enabling companies to have a presence across the Metaverse that is interactive, engaging, and stays on message, available at any time, without live actors.


AI-VActor™ brings scale to interaction. AI-Vactors provide a virtually unlimited labor pool that doesn’t tire, get sick, or quit. And with this technology, you can offer multiple simultaneous interactions at different venues or on different devices.

SimGraphics Real-time Interactive Actor

Directable AI

Our unique Directable AI performance technology faithfully reproduces the personality of branded characters so you can have a presence that is interactive, engaging and true to your message, available all hours in multiple locations.

Engage Anywhere - In person, remote, or in the Metaverse

Simgraphics AI-VActors™ engage with consumers wherever they are: at self-contained kiosks; in attractions and events; and now through cloud-based Metaverse interaction, scalable to support thousands of simultaneous interactions via mobile devices, tablets, and browsers. Customers can interact with characters at a location, and continue the experience virtually on their personal devices.

Fully Customizable Characters

We can create custom two or three-dimensional characters, from animated mascots to fully photorealistic humans, or work with existing models. Characters are configured for live operation as well as autonomous performance, with an emphasis on personality and engagement.



SimGraphics systems are built on industry-standard frameworks including Unreal and Unity, and integrate well within larger experiences.

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New Features

  • Guest recognition. At physical locations, our computer vision system can detect when a guest is present, or if they leave abruptly, and react appropriately.
  • Object recognition. AI-VActor™ can be trained to recognize key objects, and the character can respond.
  • RFID and QR-Codes. Persistently recognize specific guests, and tie the interactions to other on-location experiences, rewards, or prizes.
  • Augmented Reality. Personal assistants, docents/guides, or entertainers can virtually appear within physical experiences.
  • Data mining. All interactions are logged with rich context for later analysis, mining, and marketing purposes.